3 Easy Ways to Use Technology to Improve Community Activity.

Using Tech to Get Folks Active

Technology is often thought of as the antithesis of an active lifestyle. We get it. Millions of faces awash with the multicolored glow of a scrolling TikTok feed don’t exactly inspire those of us dedicated to getting people off their couches and into the parks. And, while Twitter might raise your heart rate, it isn’t exactly a zone 4 cardio workout. 

Technology has given us some amazing tools in the past decade. If we leverage them smartly, we can see the needle move on active living in our community. Here are 3 quick tips: 

MapMyRide & Strava Routes

Oftentimes the biggest hurdle to getting active is knowing how and where to start. We know that cycling and jogging are increasingly popular, but do your community members know where to go? A little bit of work upfront can give your whole community instant access to many great routes. 

With popular apps like Strava (route builder) or MapMyRun (route builder), you can create public routes for hiking, walking, jogging, cycling, or mountain biking. Everyone in your community can simply download the app and instantly find the best places to ride or run. Heck, the apps even automatically post leaderboards and challenges around your favorite trails. 

Strava Clubs

Strava offers a unique feature called “Clubs” that brings together groups of people to challenge each other and share routes and data. Many municipalities are creating “City Clubs” and encouraging everyone to join, compete, and enjoy active living together. 

Strava Metro

Fairly new on the scene is Strava’s new Metro program. With it, cities and towns can get deep data on how cyclists and joggers use city assets. The data can be used to plan and build better bike lanes, sidewalks, and infrastructure to support these active residents. Anchorage, Alaska is already using the data to power transformative decisions for parks and infrastructure. 

Playon Leagues

At Playon we have our own great app in open beta for interested communities right now. The software helps communities, organizations, and parks communicate about leagues and events that get people active. Reach out today to learn more!

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