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Get your community active through data, insights, and education.

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How we work

Playon Communities is a whole-community service that makes the active lifestyle easier for people through technology, education, and data insights.

Bring You onboard

Using the Playon platform, we do all the legwork. We input all the organizations, venues, leagues, and events, giving your community instant access.

Get You Educated

Working with local schools, groups, and stakeholders, we help teach the community about the value of active living and introduce them to Playon.

Deliver Deep insights

Leveraging real data from your community, we deliver actionable insights about underused resources, needed investments, underserved populations, and more.

Decades of Community Experience

The founders of Playon have spent decades working directly with communities and community foundations to develop strategic plans. We understand your unique needs.

Why it Matters

Getting a community active takes more than the old “if you build it, they will come” attitude. In today’s world, the obstacles to active living are too high and the alternatives are too easy. Playon exists to lower those barriers and Make Active Easy.

Physical Health

Just a small dose of physical activity each week can drastically increase life expectancy, reduce likelihood of obesity and diabetes, and even ward off heart disease and stroke.

Mental Health

Each day we learn more about the connection between physical and mental health. Physical exercise is now proven to be more effective at treating most mild mental health challenges than therapy or drugs.


Those who participate in team sports are significantly more likely to graduate, to go to college, and to do well on standardized tests. In fact, youth sports even predicts future earnings potential.

Community Satisfaction

A more active community--one that leverages the parks, fields, and courts at their disposal--is far more likely to be satisfied with the place they live.

Substance Abuse

Physical activity is often prescribed as part of modern addictions treatment programs. More importantly, those who participated in sports are less likely to later become addicted to drugs.


In just the past 3 years, major milestone studies have shown that sports interventions have successfully quelled gang violence and other youth-driven crimes.

Playon has delivered on it's promise. Our county is measurably more active and happier. And, at the Foundation, we're making smarter decisions.
Tracie Pratt
Community Foundation of Jefferson County

Build Your Community

We do all the leg work for your already overtaxed community. Our team is sure to collect all the data and information to get you started.

Meet the Teams

We’ll host a series of educational meet-ups to introduce ourselves to the community leaders.

Gather the Info

We’ll work with stakeholders, schools, and community organizations to begin gathering data about your assets and leagues.

Add the Assets

We’ll create a robust list of every gym, trainer, park, field, trail, court, or anything you can imagine where your community gets active.

Add the Activities

We’ll develop a list of as many upcoming leagues, events, tournaments, pick-up games, camps, and races as you can imagine.

Spreading the Word

Having the data is huge, but Playon staff is dedicated to teaching about our platform and about the benefits of an active lifestyle.

On-the-Ground Events

We launch our relationship with an event that serves as a community-wide recommitment to health and wellness.

Presentations & Materials

Playon staff present at local schools and organizations about the benefits of active living and help onboard them to the platform.

WOrk With Schools

Playon provides schools with materials that help get every single student instant access to every activity in the community.

Churches & Community Groups

We will work directly with churches and community groups to ensure word about active living reaches everyone.

Insights & Information

Using Playon’s data, communities can make better decisions about investment in assets, programs, and get a pulse on the level of activity at any time. 

Health IQ

We track the major indicators informed by an active community and develop a community dashboard to track progress.

Community Profile

Get to know your community with insights on interests, skills, activity levels, and demographics all rolled together.

Parks & Assets

Learn exactly how and to what extent your assets get used to improve health outcomes.

Program Analysis

Get quarterly insights and suggestions on needed programs, activities, and leagues to inform investments.

Asset Analysis

Get annual reporting on the usage of assets like parks, trails, and courts to better inform future grants and investments in infrastructure.


Our team will use data to build out regular recommendations for new assets, repurposed spaces, and new activities for the community.

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